Face aesthetics

Face Tension

In later ages, soft tissue on the face decreases and shakes downward through the facial bones with the effect of gravity. It is possible to describe this as the skin of the face becoming abundant. The purpose of facial tension surgeries is to eliminate this abundance and create a more tense and fresh skin. The facial tension surgery takes the sagged surplus from the skin and reshapes and stretches the thin layer of muscle under the skin.

Neck tension

Neck tension surgeries are applied to treat wrinkles, sagging, thickening, and displacement, which have increased effect with aging in the neck area. The effect of gravity on skin, tissue and muscles leads to visible sagging and changes in the neck. Belt-shaped curves are formed on the neck and oil is collected under the food. Changes in percentages are accompanied by a noticeable change in the person’s appearance.

Ear Aesthetics

From the front, the case where the ears appear more open on both sides than normal is called the bucket ear. It is possible to eliminate this problem with dandruff ear surgeries that can be performed from childhood.

Lip Aesthetics

In some people, the lip structure may be thin or a decrease in lip thickness may occur due to the decrease in the amount of fatty tissue in the lip with aging. There are many attempts to make lip augmentation depending on the person's problem and age.

Eyelid Aesthetics

A healthy eye and eye area are areas that make a person look young, dynamic and lively. The main complaints about the eyelid are excess skin and fat in the upper eyelid, bagging, pits and lines in the lower eyelid. People who experience these complaints develop a tired, old, sad, unreserved facial expression. For this reason, he may be exposed to the questions of the people around him and his self-confidence and social life may be affected. With eyelid surgeries, these problems are eliminated and the person is energetic and self-confident.

Forehead Lift - Brow Lift

With the effect of aging, stress, genetics, eating habits and gravity, deep wrinkles on the forehead, low eyebrows and lines between the eyebrows - frown eyebrows - can be seen. This situation causes people to look tired, sad and angry. Forehead and eyebrow lifting are among the aesthetic surgery applications performed to rejuvenate the upper part of the face, to correct the lines on the forehead, the wrinkles between the eyebrows, and to lift the eyebrows that fall due to aging.

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