Body aesthetics

Tummy Tuck

It is possible to see excessive weight loss, hormonal conditions, lubrication in the abdominal area after previous pregnancy, sagging of the skin, formation of skin cracks and looseness of the abdominal muscles. In these cases, abdominal stretching surgery is applied.


Liposuction is a method of removing excess fatty tissues in some parts of the body by vacuum method and obtaining smoother body lines. In this way, the fats in the regions with these stubborn fat accumulations are removed and a more proportional appearance is given to the body. Contrary to what is known, liposuction is not a slimming operation, it is a contour correction surgery.

Arm and Leg Stretching

After excessive weight loss in the arm and leg area, sagging and cracks may occur in the arms and legs in older ages due to a decrease in the elasticity of the skin or due to genetic predisposition at an earlier age. Conditions such as loosening and decreasing of the subcutaneous support tissue in the arms and legs, and accumulation of adipose tissue in excessive and unfavorable proportions may cause this surgery need in the arms and legs.

Oil Injection

Fat injection is the process of transferring fat from one part of the body with special cannulas to another body part of the same person. It is possible to apply to all suitable areas needed in the body. Cheek face, cheekbone, chin tip area, hands, breasts, legs, etc. used in places.

Butt Lift

There are various techniques in butt lift - lift operations. During the procedure, oil injection, prosthesis, filling material injection can be used. In patients with volume loss, application can also be made with a natural prosthesis created from their own body. Usually fat is taken from the hip area and given to the butt area.


Vaginoplasty; It is the name given to the procedure performed to remove loosening and loss of elasticity in the vagina due to reasons such as age, giving birth, gynecological interventions. It is also known by different names such as vagina contraction, vagina contraction, vagina correction surgery.

Non-Surgical Genital Aesthetics

Over time, natural processes of the female life cycle, such as hormonal changes that come with birth and aging, can cause various health problems such as involuntary urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, and recurrent infections. These symptoms can negatively affect women's quality of life and prevent them from leading a normal lifestyle. No matter what stage your life cycle is, Femirenew supports you in regaining your self-confidence and getting back to your old form by improving your private life.

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