Skin Rejuvenation

Salmon DNA

Skin rejuvenation that can be performed on sun-damaged, dry, wrinkled skin, when the signs of aging begin to appear first. Salmon treatment provides significant skin benefits. It moisturizes, makes the skin vivid and shiny, stimulates collagen production.

Carbon Peeling

While the word "peeling" brings to mind the peeling process, carbon peeling application is a process performed using Q-Swichted Nd-Yag laser. It is used to remove stains from the skin, tighten pores, treat irregular oils and sagging on the skin. This method, which can be applied summer and winter, is highly effective in tightening pores and balancing oil release.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is exfoliating with various chemical agents to the skin. Exfoliation is called peeling, allowing the upper layer to be peeled and poured to produce a healthier skin. Chemical Peeling: is the process of uncovering the unworn, healthy layer of the skin by stripping and spilling the worn layer, making it healthier and more vibrant on the ground.


The PRP process utilizes the contribution of thrombocytes that provide blood clotting to the repair and recovery process. Thrombocytes, which incorporate the "growth factors" required to repair damaged tissues, collect in the tissue and start a repair process in the event of damage to the tissues. The PRP application is intended to give the target tissue far more platelet than can be transported by circulation.

Medical Skin Care

Medical skin care provides personalized methods to meet the skin’s special needs, helping to revitalize and cleanse the skin deeply. Treatment based on skin condition is decided. In some people, different skin treatments are used in combination. A treatment kit is created for the individual based on the skin analysis.

4-D Skin Rejuvenation

Apply "4-Dimensional Skin Rejuvenation" that can survive even after lunch if you want my face stretched, wrinkles and blemishes and pores tightened without injecting anything into my skin.


Scarlet is a device based on the logic of combining micro-pinning with multiple processes that can treat epidermis and dermis skin problems at the same time. The device has both face and body mode. It is also possible to call the procedure surgical face lifting or tracing.


Oxigeno is an up-to-date skin care. The procedure is performed with a radiofrequency and ultrasonic device. It is a four-stage process. First stage is peeling. The outer layer of the skin is freed from dead cells. The second stage is radio frequency. The third stage is ultrasound and the fourth stage is massage. It triggers an oxygen-sending response to skin-care areas. This method can be applied to all skin types, allowing for smoother skin.

Cosmelan Stain Treatment

Cosmelan is a method used in the treatment of stains caused by exposure to sun in pregnancy and age spots. Cosmelan helps reduce the amount of melanin present in the skin, plays a role in the suppression of pigmentation, and suppresses the mechanism that triggers the skin’s stain formation. Favorable results are achieved in one session, especially in superficial and moderate stains.

Milia Cleaning

Milia is usually seen in young people, but it can be found in older age, though rare. It is possible to think of a millimeter as an oil heel. If the layer on the skin is thickened and the skin pores are closed, oils that accumulate in the pores cannot find a channel that they can open and appear as yellow, white deposits on the skin surface. They are called milliazis when they are too high and their appearance can be disturbing.

Youth Vaccine

Hyaluronic acid is found in infant skin, from blood vessels to internal organs, from the skin to the joints. It decreases rapidly from the age of 30. With the reduction of hyaluronic acid, the skin loses its brightness, elasticity and moisture. Hyaluronic acid, the legendary beauty elixir of the anti-aging; It has been produced 100% pure and has become indispensable in skin rejuvenation with a brand new way of use.


Stem cell; cells that can be transformed into all cells in the body from the beginning of their formation, and are the source of all cells that have the capacity to renew themselves continuously. It is the most important resource for the organism to maintain its vitality. In the event of injury or damage to the tissues, stem cells are present that provide repair by differentiating them with only the tissue they are in. Fibrocell is the name of the procedure because fibroplasty cells are used in skin treatments.


Dermapen is a micro-pinching system. It is used in areas such as skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation, reduction of fine wrinkles, tightening of pores, removal of pimple traces, skin stains treatment.


Mesotherapy, meaning median skin treatment, is the administration of micro injections applied to pain or disease areas requiring treatment. This method was first implemented in France in 1952. Mesotherapy is a treatment method used with very thin and short needle ends (29-30 g needles of 4-6 mm).

Nail Mushroom Treatment

Nail fungus is caused by a single cell fungus called dermatofite. Nail fungus, the most common occurrence of nail diseases, is usually when the mushroom formed in the skin is transmitted through contact or circulation. Also, nail crushing, crushing, injuring, wearing very tight, nose shoes and cutting the nails too deeply make the basis for nail fungus.


Ozone Therapy is one of the most natural doping methods a person can take into his body. Ozon Terapi is a safe, effective and scientific treatment method that improves the quality of life. It is a treatment method used by Hitler in World War I to help his soldiers become resistant in a war environment.

Genital and Lower Arm Whitening

The Bikini area and the color changes that occur over time under the armpit are a major cosmetic problem for many people. Laser hair removal, waxing, pregnancy, birth control medication and hormonal disorders are among the causes of these blackens, which range from brown to black. Treatment is pre-prepared for approximately one month with discolorant mixture drugs. Then, stain laser treatment begins once a month. Laser treatment is painless and painless, and its consequences are quite humiliating.

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