Non-surgical Face Lifting


It is also possible to call it a facial stretch without surgery. The procedure is performed using a device called Ulthera. Looking at the purpose of the transaction: to interfere with the skin surface of the focused ultrasonic waves by sound wave and the sound wave is converted to 3 or 4.5 mm deep heat energy under the skin and renew the collagen by heating that area 65-70 C.

Gold Needle Scarlet

The Fractional Radiofrequency method, popularly known as the "golden needle", is a non-surgical treatment. It is used to solve many skin problems. Pits and pigmentation spots that occur after acne in young ages offer treatment. Wrinkles and elasticity in the skin and skin are used to treat losses in middle and later years.

Facial Mesolifting

Mesolifting, which expresses skin stretch, can be applied in anti-aging practices that delay aging and to remove wrinkles that occur during aging.

6D Star Strap

Aging is a biological process that begins with birth and continues until the end of our lives. The effects of aging occur not only on the skin surface but also in the subcutaneous collagen tissue, adipose tissue, muscle tissue and bone tissue. As the years go by, the pillows of oil melt in our face and our face oval drifts downward. All cosmetic applications are intended to reduce the loss in this area and tissues as much as possible and to give the skin an old vivid and healthy appearance.

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